Boxing Day Reykjavik Running

As anyone who knows me may have realised, I have a slightly warped definition of the word “holiday” when compared to the general population. This is precisely how I found myself awake hours before dawn on Boxing Day during a recent family trip, about to embark on a 14.5km run around Reykjavik. In the spirit […]

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Bexit and Brexit

Whilst not strictly pedal or paddle related, I thought that I might continue blogging on how the Bexit is going; although I fully intend to keep in touch with lots of you individually (and post loads of photos on Facebook – soz!), due to the time difference I think writing on here will be an efficient […]

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The Paddle to Africa

Although this post is over 2 weeks late, WE PADDLED THE STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR! It was a fantastic and surreal thing to do – made all the better by the company of my good friends Sian and Naomi. We had planned a little chill time before the paddle to acquaint ourselves with this ‘funny little place’ […]

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Mimizan > Zaragoza

As is typical with British athletes (not that I consider myself an actual athlete, but I’ll draw analogies nonetheless), I made a strong start, with a confidence and belief that had everyone fooled, made it past the half way point, got further than ever before…and then crashed out! Call me what you will – Tim […]

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Days 4-5: Loose Screws

Tours > Poitiers Poitiers > Angoulême Thanks to a bit of research on the rules of carriage on French public transport, I knew that the leg between Tours and Poitiers on Saturday would be my only opportunity for the next two days to ‘let the train take the strain,’ as my cheesy father would say. […]

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Days 1-3. Portsmouth to Tours

Portsmouth > Ouistreham > Gacé Gacé > Roëze-sur-Sarthe (near Le Mans) Roëze-sur-Sarthe > Tours 3 days, and around 300km in. I wouldn’t exactly say ‘so far, so good’ but I can’t really complain as I brought it all on myself! Although I’d originally planned to cycle down through the UK, when I unexpectedly obtained Eurovision […]

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Wildlife on the Waterways

“Just GO GO GO, don’t stop – and hit it with your paddle if you have to”. This was recently shouted to my friend Nems and I on a canal in London, and was a surprisingly effective way to bring out a speed and confidence in paddling that we never knew we possessed. The ‘it’ […]

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One month to go…

Not long now until Winona and I head off to catch the ferry, and it’s safe to say that I’m definitely not where I want to be training-wise. I had a horrible virus-y cold which took me out of any exercise for 2 weekends, and I’ve only been back in the game properly for the past week. I took some consolation […]

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